Instructor 2017 – Jerry Obeng

NAME: Jerry Obeng
KSI RANK: Katulong Guro Wing Man KSI
Teaches at: KSI Headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Has trained Kali Sikaran since: 2002
Started to train Kali Sikaran because: I was in need for more tools for my toolbox. I was at the time working with people with some anger problems and working at night clubs.
Favourite part of Kali Sikaran: Kadena de mano and Solo baston .
Teaching philosophy: What we train we use. How we train it is how we use it.
Favourite quote/motto: First to fight is good motto .
Competition experience: Thai and kickboxing , both local and national
Other interesting facts: Working as a senior supervisor at security company that manages nightclubs and shopping centers.
Licensed Tactics & Firearms Instructor for Security personnel