Welcome to TheSummerCamp.se

Once again we welcome you to our classic martial arts summer camp.

You will be welcomed by world-class instructors and get the chance to work out and learn loads of practical material to bring your progress to the next level.

Several different countries are represented with many different clubs and styles. You’ll have many new friends to meet – everybody with different backgrounds and different skill sets.



With world acclaimed fighting instructors, The Summer Camp will most likely play out as this year’s best week for your Kickboxing training. There are different group levels to match your level of experience, ranging from beginner to World Champion.

Kali Sikaran


Kali Sikaran is a Filipino martial art that includes Filipino boxing and kickboxing, stick fighting and defense against knife and gun attacks. The training is very realistic and effective self-defense, and adapted to the performer´s physical attributes. Kali Sikaran is about training something that works!

Kali Sikaran International (KSI) invites you to a journey of high quality training from their top instructors and honourable guests.


JuJitsu was originally developed by the Japanese Samurai Warriors as a means ofjujitsu defending themselves in the event of being unseated from their horses and without
weapons. Over the centuries many forms of the art have developed, but all deriving from the same basic techniques. Nowadays the art is very common in UFC and the competitive BJJ approach.


There will classes in tactical training such as gun work, senario training and specific situational training. You don’t wanna miss these classes.

The camp will be held in a very nice environment, located by the sea in Strömstad, SWEDEN. The location is typical Swedish west coast with a great atmosphere.

Simply put, a good old summer camp – for fighters. See you there!